5 Best Ski Gloves of 2022

While ski gloves often receive less publicity than jackets, helmets, goggles, and other equipment, yet they are one of the most important pieces of gear in a skier’s ensemble. A proper pair of gloves or mittens will be your best friend as you ski through frigid temperatures and winter weather. Simultaneously, an effective pair of ski gloves will be equipped with a variety of features to keep your hands warm. The two most common types of ski gloves represented on the market are traditional finger gloves and fingerless ski mittens. Overall when deciding what glove is perfect for you, you should compare type, material, price, and warmth. In general, a ski mitten will offer more warmth but less dexterity than a ski glove. Our list of the best ski gloves found on the market in 2021 includes a pair of mittens and four separate pairs of ski gloves.

These 5 offerings from some of the top brands in the skiing and snowboarding community have earned awards for being best overall, the warmest, the best overall mittens, and the most competitive in terms of price. While browsing through our list, you will find ski gear from Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, and Gordini.

Best Gloves

Brand Gloves Category Price Shell Material Insulation
Arc’teryx Arc’teryx Fission SV Best Overall Ski Gloves $199* Gore-Tex Polartec Fleece Learn More
Black Diamond Black Diamond Mercury Mitten Best Overall Ski Mittens $110* Nylon/Leather PrimaLoft Synthetic Learn More
Gordini Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II Best Budget Ski Gloves $68* Gore-Tex MegaLoft Synthetic Learn More
Black Diamond Black Diamond Guide Warmest Ski Gloves $169* Nylon/Leather PrimaLoft One Synthetic, Wool Learn More
Outdoor Research Outdoor Research Alti Best Ski Gloves for Touring $158.95* Nylon Fleece Learn More

Best Overall Ski Gloves

Two all black Arc’teryx Fission SV Gloves side by side, showing the palm and backhand agains a white background.

Arc’teryx Fission SV

Price: $199
Shell Material: Gore-Tex
Insulation: Polartec Fleece
Learn More

The Fission SV ski gloves are consistently rated the best in class in terms of winter weather resistance, overall protection, and versatility, and have received several strong reviews. The only thing that stands between you and the best ski gloves or best snowboarding gloves on the market is about two hundred dollars. Yes, that is a steep cost for a pair of gloves, but once you wear the Fission SV gloves you will know why Arc’teryx labeled them with such a price tag. These ski gloves are constructed of a waterproof and sturdy Gore-Tex outer shell and a warmth providing interior liner of Polartec Fleece. While Arc’teryx is known for their premium products that excel well during extreme use, the Fission SV gloves certainly stretch the boundaries of what a skier’s hands can put up with. The Fission SV gloves are the perfect addition to a skiing outfit already equipped with an Arc’teryx jacket and ski pants. However, even skiers loyal to other brands will question their allegiance after witnessing the performance of the Fission SV.

The hefty price tag the Fission SV gloves bear is their only downfall. Not only are these gloves the most expensive pair on our list, but they are also more than three times more expensive than our “Best Budget Ski Gloves,” the Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II.

Pros: Premium materials, fit, and warmth

Cons: Expensive

Best Overall Ski Mittens

Black Diamond Mercury Mitten displayed on a white background.

Black Diamond Mercury Mitten

Price: $110
Shell Material: Nylon/Leather
Insulation: PrimaLoft Synthetic
Learn More

It’s not often that the entire skiing community comes to a consensus on a piece of gear or equipment, but when it comes to deciding on the best overall ski mittens on the market this is exactly the case. The Black Diamond Mercury Mittens are widely accepted as the warmest and best insulated mittens on the market. These mittens are also worshipped for their low price and overall quality. The outer shell is a composite of nylon and leather, whereas the insulation is a product of PrimaLoft Synthetic.

At just above one hundred dollars retail, the Black Diamond Mercury Mittens bring a lot to the table, but they do have one flaw that is consistently reported. Skiers testing the mercury mittens often point out that they lose some of their dexterity. This is of course expected when wearing mittens instead of ski gloves. However, at times this lack of dexterity limited the grip and control skiers could have on and over their poles. Snowboarders will mostly likely find less to be picky about when using these mittens as the lack of dexterity associated with a mitten will affect them less.

Pros: Extremely warm, affordable, insulated liner

Cons: Dexterity

Best Budget Ski Gloves

All black Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II gloves displayed against a white background.

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II

Price: $68
Shell Material: Gore-Tex
Insulation: MegaLoft Synthetic
Learn More

Skiers not willing to dish out lavish funds on a new pair of gloves will want to take a good look at the Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II gloves. At a price of just under seventy dollars, the Storm Trooper II gloves offer men and women way more than is expected. The outer shell of the GTX is constructed of bombproof Gore-Tex, and the insulated liner is a composite mostly consisting of MegaLoft Synthetic. When tested on the slopes, the Storm Trooper gloves waterproof design held up against severe weather and hours of use. Not many ski gloves can offer exceptional performance at such a low cost.

The disadvantages associated with wearing these gloves are mostly related to the fit and lack of a removable liner. At times, skiers felt that the Trooper II gloves fit was too tight and somewhat lacked the mobility needed for certain maneuvers. The non-removable liner also limits the dexterity and versatility associated with the gloves.

Pros: Price and comfort

Cons: Non-removable liner, tight fit

Warmest Ski Gloves

Black Diamond Guide Gloves displayed with a white background.

Black Diamond Guide

Price: $169.95
Shell Material: Nylon/Leather
Insulation: PrimaLoft One Synthetic, Wool
Learn More

The Guide gloves from Black Diamond are the best ski gloves for cold hands. Not only are these gloves the warmest ski gloves on our list, but they also are competitive in terms of fit, backcountry use, and water protection. The outer shell of the Black Diamond Guide is constructed of heaty nylon and leather. A composite of PrimaLoft One Synthetic and wool provide the warm layers of insulation. While the Guide gloves can be used for skiing, these are also the perfect gloves for climbing, mountaineering, and winter hiking. The gloves have been tested on the summit of Denali.

While these gloves are exceptional at combating winter weather and have been tested by skiers and climbers navigating various outdoor environments, they do lack the dexterity of some other gloves on the market. These gloves also take a while to break in. It is not until their third or fourth use that skiers really start to see the true performance associated with the gloves. Overall, the Black Diamond Guide Ski gloves, with the exception of heated gloves, are one of the warmest gloves designs on the skiing market.

Pros: Warmth and comfort

Cons: Take time to break in

Best Ski Gloves for Touring

Outdoor Research Alti gloves displayed on a white background.

Outdoor Research Alti

Price: $169.95
Shell Material: Nylon
Insulation: Fleece
Learn More

Backcountry touring often requires specialized gear that offers increased protection. The Alti from Outdoor Research are the perfect gloves for the task. These gloves offer exceptional performance in a variety of temperatures and weather. The inner layer of the Alti can even be used in warmer skiing conditions as a stand alone glove. However, with the addition of the Alti’s outer nylon shell, the gloves become almost impenetrable.

Like other gloves on our list, the Alti gloves lack the dexterity associated with top performers like the Fission SV. While we highly recommend using these gloves in the backcountry, we do also recommend bringing another pair of gloves to navigate ropes and other more technical procedures.

Pros: Weather resistant, dries quickly

Cons: Lacks dexterity

Frequently Asked Questions About Ski Gloves

What are the best Ski Glove Brands?
  • Arc’teryx
  • Outdoor Research
  • Black Diamond
  • The North Face
  • Hestra
  • Burton
  • Marmot
  • FlyLow
  • Dakine
Are Ski Gloves or Mittens Better?

The debate between ski gloves or ski mittens has long been a topic of conversation across the skiing community. However, when it boils down the conversation mostly subsides to personal preference. In general, gloves and mittens are each waterproof and offer similar performance standards across the market. Ski gloves do offer increased levels of mobility and dexterity, while ski mittens offer increased warmth and protection from freezing temperatures. This warmth is mostly the result of the skiers fingers being stored closer together.

Should Ski Gloves be Tight or Loose?

The best winter gloves or ski mittens should fit snug, but still allow the skier to perform a variety of actions. This tight fit will ensure that wind, precipitation, and colder temperatures have a hard time reaching the skiers hands and fingers. Ski gloves or mittens that allow enough room for you to pinch around a quarter inch of fabric at the end of your fingertips will provide the best performance.

Cotton hammocks also exist but are harder to find. Most of them are more geared toward backyard users. As for the material itself, cotton fibers break down over time, especially in wet or sunny conditions. They are also heavier and bulkier than synthetic fabrics so this might not be your best bet to take to the lake.

Are Leather Ski Gloves Better?

There are many benefits associated with leather ski gloves. In general, leather gloves can be waterproofed, broken in nicely, and used in a variety of conditions and environments. The best leather ski gloves also offer a good level of dexterity, are durable enough to last for seasons, and won’t freeze up even in the coldest of temperatures.

How Do You Wash Ski Gloves?

The interior label of your ski gloves will provide more specialized care instructions. However, standard washing procedures are as follows:

  • Pour a proper amount of cleaner in your washing machine.
  • Place gloves in a mesh bag to protect them
  • Wash in warm water and on gentle
  • After washing, squeeze the excess water from your gloves from fingers to wrist
  • Hang ski gloves to dry. Hang by fingers to ensure fingertips of your gloves do not collect water. The care instructions listed on your gloves interior tag may also suggest drying gloves in the dryer on a low setting. However, unless this is explicitly stated as a proper drying procedure this is not recommended.