Best Climbing Harnesses of 2022

When purchasing a new harness, climbers should look for a combination of comfort, performance, and value. The following list includes several climbing harnesses that possess high ratings in each of those three categories. The list also contains harness options well suited for sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing. Climbers perusing this list for their next climbing harness will find gear produced by several familiar climbing brands including Black Diamond, Petzl, Edelrid, and Wild Country.

In addition, beginners that have recently been introduced to the sport will also find several options suited for indoor, outdoor, and gym climbing.

The Best Climbing Harnesses

Brand Harness Application Price Average Rating Purchase
Elderid Sendero Best Overall Harness $84.95* 4.75/5.0 Stars Learn More
Black Diamond Momentum Best Value Harness $59.95* 3.25/5.0 Stars Learn More
Petzl Sitta Best Ultralight Harness $200* 3.75/5.0 Stars Learn More
Black Diamond Solution Guide Best Harness For Multi-Pitch Climbing $99.95* 3.50/5.0 Stars Learn More
Wild Country Mission Harness Best Harness For Sport Climbing $79.95* 3.50/5.0 Stars Learn More

Best Overall Harness

Edelrid Sendero

Price: $84.95 Weight: 11.6 oz
4.75 out of 5.0 Stars 
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Combining comfort and performance, Edelrid produced the Sendero harness to appeal to a wide array of climbers. These characteristics combined with the product’s lightweight construction make the harness a worthy option for every style and form of climbing. Individuals on a budget will also find the Sendero’s price tag to be completely reasonable. Therefore, the Sendero harness makes quite the first impression and has earned the designation of being the best overall harness on the market in 2022. Particular features of the Sendero that stick out as impressive are the harness adjustable leg loops, rear gear loops, and low profile ice clipper slots.

The downfalls of the Sendero harness are few and far between. If one were to be highly critical they may come to the conclusion that Sendero’s waist belt isn’t the most breathable. The Edelrid harness also isn’t the most comfortable harness on the market. However, because the Sendero can be used for every type of climbing, it is sold for an affordable price, and is constructed in a lightweight manner it remains as the Best Overall Harness offered in 2022.

Best Value Harness

Black Diamond Momentum 

Price: $59.95 Weight: 10.7 oz
3.25 out of 5.0 Stars
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The Black Diamond Momentum has long been the favorite harness among beginners and some more advanced climbers. The most recent edition of the Momentum harness is lighter and suitable for indoor or outdoor climbing. While the harness does not excel in terms of comfort, quality, or performance it remains one of the most affordable harnesses found on the market in 2022. At a price point of under $60 dollars, the Black Diamond Momentum is the perfect climbing harness for climbers looking to save a few dollars.

Climbers unimpressed with the Black Diamond Momentum have cited the hip belt, leg loops, padding, and gear loops as contributing to their disappointment. The Momentum’s padding was often considered to be extremely bulk, whereas the gear loops were criticized for being too small. These characteristics limit the versatility of the Momentum harness. However, for climbers looking to grab a new harness for the gym and save a few dollars while they are at it the Black Diamond Momentum is a great choice.

Best Ultralight Harness

Petzl Sitta

Price: $200 Weight: 9.7 oz
3.75 out of 5.0 Stars
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To some climbers nothing matters more than the weight (or lack of) their climbing gear possesses. Climbers looking for their next ultralight harness should look no further than the Petzl Sitta. The harness weighs under 10 ounces and this lightweight construction does not adversely affect the Sitta’s performance. For long it was believed that a small and lightweight harness could never provide climbers with exceptional comfort. However, the Sitta puts this sentiment to the test. The harness also possesses a considerable amount of gear storage.

While the Sitta is a very comfortable harness, it is not as comfortable during hanging belays as several other harnesses on the market. Other flaws associated with the Sitta mostly revolve around its price tag. At a cost of two hundred dollars, the Sitta is one of the most expensive climbing harnesses offered in 2022. However, climbers looking for a lightweight harness that doesn’t sacrifice performance will not be disappointed carrying around a lighter wallet.

Best Harness For Multi-Pitch Climbing

Black Diamond Solution Guide

Price: $99.95 Weight: 14.1 oz
3.50 out of 5.0 Stars
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The Solution Guide is an improved version of the Black Diamond Solution harness that was created to appeal to multi-pitch and traditional climbers. The major differences between the Solution Guide and Solution harnesses is the addition of a fifth gear loop, increased gear loop size, and a wider waist belt. The fifth gear loop included on the Solution Guide is perfect for carrying a water bottle or lightweight jacket, while the larger gear loops will simultaneously allow multi-pitch climbers to carry all of the gear necessary for their route. The wider waist belt also allows climbers to better orient themselves within the harness to improve comfort.

Every harness on this list has a few flaws that prevent it from being perfect, and the Solution Guide from Black Diamond is no exception. The leg loops on the Solution Guide taper slightly and can become uncomfortable during long hangs or belays. Climbers also cited disappointment with the product’s one hundred dollar price tag.

Best Harness For Sport Climbing

Wild Country Mission Harness

Price: $79.95 Weight: 14.8 oz
3.50 out of 5.0 Stars 
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While the Mission Harness from Wild Country is listed as an all around harness, most climbers will find it highly specialized for sport climbing. The product features five gear loops, adjustable leg loops, and rear accessory loops that are large enough to store a variety of gear and well positioned to avoid causing problems. The harness also excels in terms of breathability and flexibility. The latter of which is attributed to the Mission’s innovative V-Flex Technology. Overall, the Wild Country Mission Harness is one of the best climbing harnesses on the market for sport climbing.

Climbers who have used the Wild Country Mission harness for alpine climbing have found it to be too heavy and incredibly thick. The harness also contains an excess amount of gear loops for climbers looking to train in the gym. Overall, Wild Country’s promise that the Mission is a harness well suited for every type of climbing seems like an overstatement. There are several other harnesses such as the Sendero or Solution that perform better across the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should a Climbing Harness Fit?

In order to see if your climbing harness fits, climbers should try to fit two fingers within the leg loops and waist belt. Adjustable leg loops and waist belts are helpful at getting a better fit. Climbers should always opt for a tighter fit over a looser one.

When Should I Replace My Climbing Harness?

The life expectancy of a climbing harness is between three and six years when it has been stored and cared for properly. Climbers who have seen any defects, rips, or tears start to form in their climbing harness should replace their harness immediately.

Can You Fall Out of a Climbing Harness?

Normally, even in the event of becoming inverted a climber should be protected by their climbing harness. However, wearing a harness incorrectly or one that does not fit correctly can lead to climbers falling out of their harness. Beginners concerned with the fit of their harness should consult an expert before climbing.

What Can I do with an Old Climbing Harness?

An old climbing harness can be used in a variety of ways. Old harnesses that are still in good shape can be used as loaner harnesses for friends. Whereas defunct harnesses can be repurposed as garage gear holders and hanging organizers.

How do You Size a Climbing Harness?

The waist belt of a climbing harness should fit over a climber’s iliac crest (the upper portion of the hip bone), and be snug enough that they cannot pull it down over their hips. Leg loops should be somewhat snug, but do not need to be as tight as the harnesses waist belt.