Best Camping Blankets of 2021

Adventure Media – December 1, 2020

Tents and sleeping bags rightfully receive most of the publicity associated with the camping gear discourse, but what about the unsung hero no one is talking about, the camping blanket? If you have ever braved a cold night or two after forgetting your camping blanket at home, you know just how important this piece of equipment can be to your comfort and overall camping experience. However, it doesn’t take camping on the coldest of nights in the dead of winter for a camper to realize the benefits of a camping blanket. Across the outdoor equipment market, there are a variety of camping blankets that are tailored to perform in a variety of conditions and environments. The most seasoned retailers often produce various blankets suited for either backcountry use, winter camping trips, or cooler summer nights positioned around the campfire. In addition, every once in a while, a camping blanket that performs well in each of these scenarios will emerge and be honored as our pick for the Best Overall Camping Blanket of the year.

This year, our camping blanket list is compiled of products produced by some of the leading voices in outdoor recreation and equipment. Products from Kelty, REI, Horizon, and Pendelton have all found a place on our list. However, our Best Overall Camping Blanket award was given to a product from long time outdoor hammock retailer Kammock, which produces exceptional hammocks that compete well with those on our Best Camping Hammocks of 2021 list. With the introduction of their Bobcat Down Trail Quilt, the retailer has established themselves as a serious name in the camping bedding market. Below the advantages and disadvantages associated with the Bobcat and the other award-winning blankets on our list are discussed in further detail!

Best Camping Blankets

Brand Blanket Fill Category Price Rating
Kammok Kammok Bobcat Down Trail Quilt Downtek 600 FP Duck Down - RDS Best Overall Camping Blanket $199.00* 4.7/5.0 Stars Learn More
Rumpl Rumpl Down Puffy Down Best Backpacking Blanket $199.00* 4.50/5.0 Stars Learn More
Kelty Bestie Kelty Bestie Synthetic Best Budget Camping Blanket $25.00* 3.7/5.0 Stars Learn More
Yeti Yeti Lowlands Blanket Polyester Best Backyard Blanket $199.00* 4.0/5.0 Stars Learn More
Pendleton Pendleton Yakima Wool Blanket Wool/Cotton Blend Best Wool Camping Blanket $158.95* 4.0/5.0 Stars Learn More

Best Overall Camping Blanket

Green Kammok Bobcat Down Trail Quilt

Kammok Bobcat Down Trail Quilt

Price: $199.00 | Fill: Downtek 600 FP Duck Down – RDS
Machine Washable: Front Load Only
Rating: 4.7/5.0
Learn More

The versatility of the Kammok Bobcat Down Trail Quilt quickly earned it our Best Overall Camping Blanket award. Not only is the Bobcat suited for nights around the campfire in a traditional camping scenario, but the blanket is also well suited for adventures in the backcountry and casual nights lounging at home or outside at a friend’s house. This versatility is mostly attributed to the combination of lightweight design and general warmth the Bobcat’s Downtek duck down provides. If you are looking for a camping blanket you can bring with you everywhere look no further than the Kammok Bobcat.

The disadvantages of the Bobcat are its price tag and 45 degree fahrenheit limit. While 45 degrees is certainly enough to make the Bobcat the standalone favorite three season blanket. Campers braving the deepest of winters will want to either search for a blanket that provides more warmth or pair the Bobcat with a winter sleeping bag.

Best Backpacking Blanket

Rumpl Down Puffy

Price: $199.00 | Rumpl Down Puffy
Machine Washable: Front Load Only
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Learn More

A lightweight blanket that offers superior weather-resistance, the Rumpl Down Puffy is the perfect choice for the most ambitious backpackers. When creating this packable blanket, Rumpl allocated considerable energy towards the creation of its roll-top stuff sack. In total, the blanket and its stuff sack only weigh 19 lbs, which not only makes it the obvious backpacking or hiking blanket choice, but also the most lightweight blanket on our list. The blanket also earns added points because it is offered in various sizes (one person, one person tall, two person) allowing it to be used by couples and close friends.

Where the Down Puffy exceeds in weight, it plummets in size. The Down Puffy is by far the smallest blanket on our list (the standard single person measures 51×72 inches). The blankets design also results in an extremely loud and slippery finish. The blanket is not best when camping alongside others in a tent. That being said backpackers okay with a little noise will find much to appreciate about the Down Puffy.

Best Budget Camping Blanket

Blue Kelty Bestie Blanket with upper right corner folded inwards.

Kelty Bestie

Price: $139.95 | Fill Type: Synthetic
Machine Washable: Front Load Only
Rating: 3.7/5.0
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The Kelty Bestie is the least expensive blanket on our list by a long shot. The blanket retails at a price of 25 dollars, and surprisingly Kelty is able to provide a standard level of comfort at this price point. The Bestie is filled with a synthetic blend that results in a non-technical blanket that is extremely soft to the touch and perfect for couch lounging or a night around the fire in your backyard. The blanket could also be taken on warmer car camping trips during the summer or late spring.

Overall, the Bestie is only suitable for casual use or summer camping trips. We do not recommend relying on the Bestie for warmth during the winter, fall, or even early spring. The blanket simply is not very warm when compared to other offerings on this list. However, around the house or as a campfire throw the Bestie will provide lasting comfort.

Backyard Blanket

Blue Yeti Lowlands Blanket shown folded and put away in its carrying case.

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Price: $100 | Fill Type: Polyester
Machine Washable: Front Load Only
Rating: 3.7/5.0
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Yeti has revolutionized the outdoor cooler market and with this product the retailer searches for similar results with the outdoor blanket market. Overall, the Lowlands blanket is perfect for a variety of events situated around your car, home, or recreational vehicle. Not only is the blanket large enough to serve as a picnic or concert blanket, but the Lowlands also provides the durability that has become synonymous with the Yeti name and brand. As an added bonus, Yeti has also made the Lowlands waterproof to tackle spills, messes, and the surprise rain showers that may come as a result of its use.

The major downside of the Yeti Lowlands Blanket is its weight. The blanket is by far the heaviest blanket on our list, which comes as no surprise given its durable design and size. Yeti seems to have specifically designed this blanket to accompany you in your vehicle or your backyard.

Best Wool Camping Blanket

Pendleton Yakima Wool Blanket

Price: $126.75 | Fill Type: Wool/Cotton Blend
Machine Washable: No, dry cleaning only
Ratings: 4.2/5.0
Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Blankets

What is the Best Type of Blanket for the Winter?

The best blanket for winter camping is one that provides exceptional warmth through layers of insulation. In general warm blankets for winter are normally insulated with a fill of down or synthetic fibers. Backpackers looking to camp during the winter will want to purchase a camping blanket that is lightweight and packable while still maintaining its warmth.

Are Fleece Blankets Good For Camping?

The best feature of a fleece blanket is that it is generally lightweight. However, insulated blankets and even wool blankets will provide additional warmth, weather-resistance, and comfort. A fleece blanket will also not excel in terms of packability. While they are not the best, in a pinch a fleece blanket can be useful for camping.

Are Wool Blankets Good For Camping?

Wool blankets are the traditional choice for camping. New blankets utilize synthetic fibers and a variety of construction techniques to limit weight while still providing warmth. However, wool blankets are consistently the most durable blankets on the market. These blankets also provide considerable warmth and protection. At times wool blankets are a bit heavy.

How Do You Stay Warm in a Tent?

There are several techniques you can utilize to stay warm in your tent. The first is to purchase a tent suited for cold weather. Check out our top tent choices of 2020 here. Another is to wear a series of layers to bed. These layers will not allow the cold to penetrate your body. A sleeping bag and camping blanket can provide additional layers. Another technique to prevent the colder temperatures from disturbing your night’s sleep is to utilize camping mats or heat packs.

What is the Best Blanket for Camping?
  • Best Overall Blanket: Kammok Bobcat
  • Best Backpacking Blanket: Rumpl Down Puffy 
  • Best Budget Blanket: Kelty Bestie
  • Best Tailgating/Concert/Backyard Blanket: Yeti Lowlands
  • Best Wool Blanket: Pendleton Yakima