6 Best Mountain Biking Shoes for Wide Feet

Gabriel Ramos –  April 8th, 2024

Mountain biking is not just about the bike; it’s equally about the gear that enhances your ride. For riders with wide feet, finding the perfect shoe that combines comfort with performance can be a challenge.

That’s where we come in. This article brings you the top picks for wide mountain bike shoes that ensure a comfortable ride across any terrain. From superior support to unmatched traction, these shoes are designed to boost your mountain biking experience.

Top 6 Wide Mountain Biking Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Pro – Wide Fit

Price: $160
Compatibility: Flat Pedal Shoe
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Five Ten Freerider Pro – Wide Fit: A top choice for flat pedal riders, the Freerider Pro offers unmatched grip, durability, and comfort for wide feet. Its Stealth® S1™ rubber outsole ensures excellent pedal traction, while the synthetic upper provides weather resistance and quick drying.


  • Exceptional grip with Stealth® S1™ rubber outsole
  • Durable and weather-resistant synthetic upper
  • OrthoLite® sockliner for cushioning and comfort
  • Medium-flex midsole for balance of comfort and pedal feel


  • Slightly heavier than some competitors
  • Limited color choices in wide fit
  • Premium price point
  • Not fully waterproof

Shimano ME7

Price: $160
Compatibility: Clipless shoe
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Shimano ME7 (SH-ME701) – Wide: Designed for the enduro and all-mountain rider, the Shimano ME7 combines the performance of a clipless pedal shoe with the comfort needed for wide feet.

It features a reinforced armor for protection and a speed lacing system for a secure fit.


  • Reinforced armor provides protection
  • Speed lacing system for quick, secure fitting
  • Michelin dual-density rubber outsole for superior grip and durability
  • Torbal midsole allows natural rider “flow” motion
  • Neoprene ankle collar keeps out debris
  • Can be warm in hot conditions
  • Higher price range
  • Limited breathability compared to some
  • Neoprene collar can absorb water in wet conditions

Specialized 2FO Roost Flat

Price: $120
Compatibility: Flat

Specialized 2FO Roost Flat: Ideal for trail riders seeking comfort and control, the 2FO Roost Flat boasts a SlipNot™ FG rubber sole for supreme grip and a cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorption, all in a wide-fit design.

  • Excellent grip with SlipNot™ FG rubber sole
  • Cushioned EVA midsole for comfort on long rides
  • Durable leather and textile upper
  • Relaxed fit for a comfortable, natural feel
  • Wide fit option available
  • Not the best option for very muddy conditions
  • May take time to break in
  • Sole may be too stiff for some preferences
  • Not fully waterproof

Shimano SH-XC5 – Wide

Price: $175
Compatibility: Flat
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 A versatile shoe that’s as at home on the cross-country course as it is on a gravel grinder. The SH-XC5 features a reinforced midsole for power transfer and a Michelin rubber outsole for grip.

  • Lightweight and durable synthetic upper
  • Michelin rubber outsole for exceptional traction
  • Reinforced midsole for efficient power transfer
  • Boa® L6 dial for precise fit adjustments
  • Wide fit option caters to broader feet
  • Less ventilation compared to other models
  • Some riders may find the aesthetic less appealing
  • Premium pricing for the features
  • Limited color options in the wide fit

Giro Cylinder – Wide

Price: $140
Compatibility: Flat
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Giro Cylinder – Wide: This shoe strikes a balance between performance and value, offering a comfortable fit for wide feet with its Boa® L6 dial system and breathable synthetic upper. It’s a great entry-level option for clipless pedal users.
  • Boa® L6 dial system for easy fit adjustments
  • Breathable synthetic upper keeps feet cool
  • Co-molded nylon and rubber outsole for durability and grip
  • Die-cut insoles provide additional cushioning
  • Wide version available for a better fit
  • May not provide enough stiffness for competitive riders
  • Durability issues under extreme use
  • Limited color ways in the wide fit
  • Soles can wear down quicker on rough terrain

Five Ten Trailcross XT – Wide Fit

Price: $160
Compatibility: Flat
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Five Ten Trailcross XT – Wide Fit: Designed for the adventure rider, the Trailcross XT combines the grip of Five Ten’s Stealth® Phantom rubber with a lightweight, breathable construction, making it ideal for bikepacking or trail riding.
  • Stealth® Phantom rubber outsole offers unmatched grip
  • Lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort
  • Impact-resistant toe box for protection
  • Quick-drying materials ideal for wet conditions
  • Wide fit ensures comfort for broad feet
  • Not as durable as more rugged models
  • Premium price for a niche product
  • Quick-dry feature may compromise warmth in cold conditions
  • May lack the support needed for very technical riding

Flat vs Clipless Pedals for Mountain Biking

Choosing between flat and clipless pedals isn’t just about personal preference; it’s a decision that deeply influences your ride. This choice touches everything from the way you steer your bike, the effort you put into pedaling, to how comfy your feet are after a day on the trails.


  • Your pedal type is key to how you navigate through tricky paths. Flats give you the freedom to quickly move your feet around or hop off the bike when things get too gnarly, which is great for beginners or those hitting very technical trails. Clipless pedals, though, lock you in for a tight bond with your bike, translating into sharper handling and a feeling of being in sync with every turn and bump


  • When it comes to getting the most out of every pedal stroke, clipless pedals shine by allowing you to push down and pull up efficiently, meaning quicker acceleration and less energy burn over time. Flat pedals, while potentially less efficient since you’re mostly pushing down, have come a long way with designs that closely match the performance of their clipless counterparts.


  • And then there’s the comfort factor. Clipless pedals mean wearing specific shoes that clip into your bike, which can be a bit of an adjustment. They offer great support and direct power transfer but might not be as kind to your feet during epic rides as the more casual and often more cushioned shoes you’d wear with flat pedals. Yet, for riders who’ve grown used to clipless, the consistent foot placement can actually mean less strain and more comfort down the road.

So really, deciding between flat and clipless pedals is about weighing what matters most to you in your mountain biking adventures. It’s about balancing control, efficiency, and comfort against your riding style, experience, and the kinds of trails you love to explore.

Flat Mountain Biking Pedals & Shoes

  • Easier to bail out in emergencies
  • Greater freedom of foot placement
  • Ideal for learning biking techniques
  • Can be used with any shoe
  • Less efficient power transfer
  • Foot may slip off pedal in wet conditions
  • Typically heavier than clipless pedals
  • Requires shoes with sufficient grip

Clipless Pedals & Shoes

  • Better power transfer and efficiency
  • Secure connection to the bike
  • Lighter pedal options are available
  • Improved bike control on technical trails
  • Harder to disengage quickly
  • Can contribute to knee strain if not properly adjusted
  • Requires compatible shoes
  • Steeper learning curve